After graduating from UC Santa Barbara in 2012, I joined the IT team at the Earth Research Institute at UCSB to develop Drupal based websites for the department. I helped out on a web-based data dissemination portal for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation and immediately became obsessed with JavaScript and coding on the front end. I learned AngularJS, Backbone, and NodeJS and got to use them all in data oriented web applications!

I joined the ‘Interactive’ team at Section Studios in Los Angeles in April of 2014 to help develop engaging web applications and build out the team’s testing, integration and deployment infrastructure.

I now work at The Mobile Majority, building mobile advertising and ad analytics platforms. My primary goals this year include continuing to expand on best practices in Angular and potentially digging into Ruby on Rails, Ember and React.

On the side, I enjoy listening to podcasts about media, politics, economics, design and history. Some of my favorites are Freakonomics, 99% Invisible and On the Media. I love a good nature walk and a relaxing Yoga session.